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Setting up POS lanes

If you have Front Counter workstation installed it is necessary to set up each lane so it operates in the way required.  Certain parameters are "company wide" and apply to all lanes.  Others can be configured for each lane.

If you are using EFTPOS integration, or checkout scales, you must configure each lane as printers and the communications ports will differ between workstations.

To configure your lane first make sure you have installed, and configured the POS settings for the company.  These are set using the POS settings form from the base systems POS functions selection form.

When you open Retail Business Settings-> POS settings you can see that the form five tabs - the first tab is the company wide settings (all cashiers). The rest apply to the relevant lane.

If you are using the Ingenico Two-way integrated EFTPOS option you MUST set up the communications port for each lane.  It is highly unlikely that Windows will allocate the same port assignment to each serial port on each workstation.  This means that one workstation may use COM1 and another COM2.

The same applies to printers as the printer names may vary between the workstations.  However, if you wish, you can use a shared receipt printer.  In that case the networked printer must be set as shared and be the default printer.  As the "Brother HL-2040 series" printer is in the below example.