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Combo deals

Combo deals can be set up from Stock Management.

Combo deals are specials where the purchase of a certain item (at the normal price - possibly?) allows the purchase of a set range of other items at special prices.

Eg "Buy one Happy Meal and get a full serve of chips at half price".

To set up a combo deal the item the deal is to be for must not already have options or be a package. Nor must it be part of an existing combo deal.  However it can be the main item the deal is associated with.  

The following example has three items that are part of a combo deal - the "greenish" colour bar on the item list.  The master item is the "Hills quattro 4 retracting c/line..."

To edit, or add, items to an existing combo deal highlight the master item (the item that must be purchased first) first.  Then click the "Combo deal" button.

The following form activates.

  • The description of the item that will trigger a combo deal is at the top.
  • Enter the number of items to be included on the combo deal. This is the number of items that will be entered as the quantity on the POS docket.
  • Enter the Combo price - per unit.  This is the price that is used.  Not the retail price which is for reference purposes only.

    When the combo deal ceases remove all the items from the deal.

    In Front Counter, so long as the "master" item is already on the docket list then any other items included on the combo deal can be selected.

    The number of the items the combo deal applies to, and the deal price, are used.  As the following example shows.

    In addition "Combo deal" is added to the item's entry on the docket.

    Combo deal items may not be changed. You must void them instead.

    If a combo deal item has already been included on the docket, and you add an additional one, it is treated as a normal item. The special price does not apply.