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Starting Retail Business

You can start Professionals Retail Business from Start Menu -> Programs or from the desktop. 

When you first start Retail Business the system administrator's profile is created and the set up wizard starts.  You can make additional changes to settings from the System Settings form:

User password logons are off by default.  To turn them on when starting Retail Business (but not the POS) go to POS settings from the System settings form.  Should you do this all cashiers can get access to all your financial information if you have only installed the base system.  You may wish to have logon enabled unless cashiers access the software using the Front Counter workstation only.

See  Cashier profiles to change to change, or create, cashier profiles.

The main menu form now displays.

From this form you can carry out the required operations.  

The company operations form can be accessed by clicking Back Office.  This is the back office component of Retail Business.

This form provides a summary of the financial situation between the selected dates.  Including total POS sales.