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Bank Reconciliation

Use bank reconciliation to match the bank transaction record with your bank statement(s).  You may also run recurring transactions from this form.  Run any due recurring transactions before carrying out the reconciliation as they will be displayed on this form.

A list of bank transactions that have not been presented displays. Any that have been confirmed, but not updated, also display and are ticked.

  • Select the bank account to reconcile.  It must display in the top panel.
  • The account's unpresented bank transactions are in the bottom panel.
  • Enter the statement balance from the bank statement. 
  • Select the transactions from the list that match those on the bank statement by clicking on the transaction or using the navigator bar at the top right and clicking the Present button.  
  • A running total updates in reconciled amount as you make the selection.  If you present an incorrect transaction you may cancel by clicking the "Cancel" button Note - the "Presented" button becomes a "Cancel" button once the transaction is confirmed as presented.
  • If you need to edit a transaction highlight it, and right click. Click Edit selected Transaction.  The relevant transaction form opens (Bank or Cheque Transactions) with the selected transaction visible.
  • When the running balance equals the bank statement balance click Update.  The presented transactions disappear from the bottom panel.
  • You can exit without updating.  The transactions selected for reconciliation remain in that state until you click Update.