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Cheques may be issued for refunds - see Client Refunds and Supplier Refunds.
  • Use this form to enter cheques and other payments - for example electronic and cash payments.
  • You may pay multiple charges by the same supplier.  

    The "default" cheque account displays when creating a new cheque. Change bank accounts by entering another account code in the Bank Acct field.  

    If using the Invoice accounting basis each cheque must be linked to supplier charges.  Once the cheque is complete any charges you have entered details for are defined as paid.  Use Supplier Charges (Creditors) to ensure this works correctly.

    To create the header click Add or press F2.

    Adding cheques

    Editing Cheques 

    Cheque details

    Paying suppliers    

    You can change the cheque/payment number and transaction type when editing. You cannot change the Bank account when editing the header if there are any detail lines. 
  • Reconciled cheques may be edited - but only the ledger account and description may be changed.  

    WARNING -  If you created a cheque for the wrong bank account, it will have the wrong cheque number, unless you entered it manually.  If it has the wrong cheque number, and there are cheque details, you must delete and re-enter it.

    Bank Account Opening Balances:

    When opening the cheques/payment form from the bank account opening balances form an Export button is visible at the bottom left of the form. In addition a total of all cheques so far created displays.  It is this total that is subtracted from the bank account as part of the opening balance.

    If you are entering cheques to make up the opening balance enter the cheque number. Once you have entered one cheque the system defaults to the last cheque plus one. 

    Enter at least one cheque detail line. A bank transaction is not created until that line is added. 

    When you have finished entering all cheques not on the bank statement click Export.