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New payments

  • Complete the top panel first.  Think of this panel as the cheque butt.
  • Click the "Add" button in the top panel.  All fields are blanked, except for the default bank account and the cheque number (which is the number of the last cheque plus 1).  If you are entering opening balances, you cannot change the bank account as it was originally selected in the bank form, otherwise...

  • Enter the Bank No, and Bank Account if the default bank account is not the one you wish to use, or select from the list.
  • Cheque/Payment No is created automatically.  To use another cheque number enter it now.  Once you have saved the header this number cannot be changed.  You need to delete the cheque. The cheque/payment number must be unique and the header cannot be saved if it is not.
  • Select the type of payment.  The default is Electronic Transfer.  If you select Cheque another transaction number replaces the Number. 
  • Enter the date of the payment.  The default is today's date.
  • Entering a supplier code is optional. You may enter/select a known supplier's code, or enter a short description if you do not need to keep a record of who the payment is for.  You may select suppliers from a selection list by clicking the "Looking glass" button to the right. If nothing is entered here the default supplier code is MISC.  Do not set up any supplier with this code.
  • Once you have finished entering the information in the Cheque/Payment Header panel, click "Save".  You may now proceed to enter details.

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