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Creating payment details 

You may enter as many detail lines as you wish.  Each line includes the ledger account the payment is to be allocated to.  

You may enter business and domestic payments in the one cheque and the G.S.T. imputation is calculated accordingly.  Don't do this if your business is a limited liability company.  In that case you should keep domestic and business transactions entirely separate.

  • Click Add (or F10) in the Details panel.  A details form appears with all fields cleared.
  • If the payment is for a regular supplier and charges have been entered into supplier charges select the charges to be paid by clicking the ellipsis [...] button beside the Invoice Ref field.  When selected the details of the charge appear in the payment details and the charge is updated as paid.  If you delete the line the payment is reversed.
  • Enter, or select, the ledger account code. If the account selected is split between business and domestic Total Amount and Business Amount fields display. Enter the total amount; the business amount is calculated automatically based on the percent defined in ledger account set up. 
  • Enter the amount for the line into the Total Amount field, if it displays; otherwise enter the amount into the Business Amount field. You cannot change the business and G.S.T. amounts if the account is split. If you wish to enter the amount exclusive of G.S.T. check Add G.S.T.
  • If supplier charges are not used entre all details.  Invoice number is not compulsory. If using the Invoice accounting basis it must be used.
  • Click "Save" once satisfied.
  • If the bank account does not permit an overdraft, or the overdraft limit will be exceeded by the cheque total, you will be warned. You may still proceed.