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Paying suppliers

Carry out the following to record payments against supplier charges:

1.  Create a supplier record for each supplier.

2.  Record supplier charges  

The following shows the Cheque/payments form after the completion of a cheque for supplier charges.  The invoice has been completely paid. It is possible to pay part of an invoice or more than one at a time.  

Select existing invoice details by clicking the button to the right of the Invoice Ref field. Use the button to select charges for payment as lines in an invoice (if there are more than one) may be for different ledger accounts.

When you click on the button to the right of Invoice Ref the following form displays:

This form displays all currently unpaid invoices of the supplier.  They display in invoice number order.  When you click the Pay this one button the details for that line display in the cheque detail fields.

How much is owing on the selected invoice displays.