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Client Refunds

Client refunds may be made by cheque, electronic funds transfer, or cash.  Connect each to an existing transaction - either invoice or cash. 

Enter client refunds using the Cheque/Payments Entry form. Check the Client Refund box.  Refunds are distinct from credit/debit notes and write offs.  Credit/debit notes apply to an invoice that has not yet been paid, write offs relate to billed invoices that are not likely to be paid (bad debts).  Refunds are repayments where the client has already paid and you have to return some, or all, of that payment.
When creating a client refund you must match the refund to an existing, billed, invoice.  Otherwise you cannot print a refund slip.

At the bottom right of the form a Refund button is visible.  Click this to print the refund note to accompany the cheque, or as a record of the payment.  The note requires the selection of an existing invoice - Invoice ref field.