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Bank Transaction Maintenance

On this form carry out all operations on bank account transactions, except for supplier payments (cheques).  They are:
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Bank fees
  • Interest payments

    Before using this form complete Professionals set up :

    You can accumulate multiple transactions to include in detailed bank deposits or withdrawals.  

    Note: If you have set up a bank account that applies to one department (and you have multiple departments) you cannot create transactions for journal accounts belonging to another department.  Should you attempt to do so you will be warned, and the save button is disabled.

    The operations to carry out are:

    A. Adding Transactions

    B. Editing transactions

    C. Deleting transactions - only possible if the transaction has not been reconciled or included in a G.S.T. imputation run.

    If a cheque displays clicking Edit opens the cheque/payments form with the selected cheque visible.