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Transaction Details

If a bank transaction consists of more than one ledger account transaction you may add as many additional lines as required by checking the Has Details box.  You may only add details for deposits or withdrawals
  • Click the Add button
  • Check the Has details box.
  • Add transactions to the deposit or withdrawal. Click the Receipts or Misc buttons.  If recording a deposit you may use either.  If a withdrawal, only the Misc button is enabled.  
  • Either button opens a form displaying ledger entries that have not been deposited.
  • Enter, or select, the relevant entries.  A total displays at the bottom of the form and changes as entries are selected.  Click the Deposit or Select button.
  • Enter the correct date.
  • Enter a narrative for the transaction.

    Bank transactions with details appear as follows:

    The following form opens if the Misc button is clicked.

  • You may edit, add, or delete transactions on the form.
  • To add a journal transaction to the bank transaction, click the Select button.
  • Return to the bank transaction form by clicking Finished or Exit. The total of the ledger entries selected is added to the deposit or withdrawal.