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Adding Client Payments to bank transactions

This form allows client payments to be added to a bank transaction.  Use it if using the Invoicing accounting basis or Job Costing.  Otherwise it is optional and does not need to be used unless you invoice clients and record their payments. 

Note:  If you invoice clients, you must record their payments, and those payments must be included in detailed bank deposits.  If you fail to carry out this sequence, in any way, the aged debtors report will not be accurate, and you may have recorded payments twice.  The result will be that your income will appear much higher than it should be.

Start this form from the Bank Transactions form by clicking the Receipts button,  which is activated when the Has Details box is checked.
  • In this form you may add, edit, or delete payments.
  • Add an existing payment to a bank deposit by clicking the deposit button.  
  • Once deposited the entry is cleared from the form.

    For information about how to use this form go to Client Payments Maintenance.

    A running total of the amount selected for deposit displays at the bottom right of the form.

    If a client has jobs set up in Project Management, and undeposited payments have been recorded, they display here.

    Any payments entered here must be for an existing client and related invoices.  To enter "miscellaneous" payments use the miscellaneous cash transactions form, also available from the bank transaction form.