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General (non-bank) Cash Transactions

Use this form when you are dealing with cash.  For example if a client makes a cash payment, without an invoice, and you retain the money to pay for goods and services rather than banking it.

There should be at least two entries for each payment: the payment itself, and any expenditure the payment is used for.  The payment can be spilt into as many expenditure items as required.  This form is designed for those who deal in a large number of cash payments, and bank what is not immediately required.

Example 1:

You withdraw $300 from the bank for domestic expenditure (income derived from a partner's income).  You use $50 to fill up the van.  Enter $50.00 as income (because you are using it for business purposes) and $50.00 as expenditure.

Example 2:

You are paid $250 in cash for carrying out a service.  You keep $50 for petrol, and bank $200.  There is a bank deposit of $200, and two entries in the General Cash Transactions - income of $50, with the same journal code as the deposit, and expense of $50 for the petrol 

In the case of Example 3 to make life simpler enter the petrol expense first.  The split displayed tells you how much to enter as business income.

When editing an existing transaction the form appears as follows: