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Supplier Operations Form

Use this form when working on suppliers. It provides access to all supplier -related transactions such as invoices, payments, credit/debit notes and refunds and provides a financial summary of the supplier situation: how much has been paid, and how much is owing.

To obtain a summary of the current, and previous, year(s) transactions set the dates in the Date Range of year to date panel.  Transactions within the selected date range display in the Current year(s) summary.  All previous transactions are summarised in the Previous year(s) summary.

A single cheque can be used to pay for multiple supplier invoices. Invoice charges may be split between ledger accounts.  If you are operating multiple departments the main cheque bank account must be shared between them.

To maintain suppliers, click the Suppliers button.  To display another supplier click the arrows below the grid to scroll through one at a time, or enter the supplier's code or name in the search fields, and click the relevant search button