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Supplier Maintenance

It is not necessary to create any suppliers (creditors) if your G.S.T. set up uses the Payments basis. If the set up is the Invoice basis use Suppliers as supplier invoices are used to calculate G.S.T.  

If operating on the Payments basis using suppliers keeps track of committments for budgetting purposes.  

Cheques can be made up by adding the relevant supplier's charges (line by line) to the cheque details.

To record a large number of "one-off" charges it is a good idea to create a "Miscellaneous" supplier.  Do not create a supplier code of "MISC" as that code is used by the system to define one-off cheques with no link to a supplier. Cheque payments not linked to a supplier are automatically defined as "MISC" and appear as such on the Supplier Charges report.

Compulsory fields are:  Supplier code, company name, and "Registered for G.S.T."

The Registered for G.S.T. setting over rides all other G.S.T. settings.  If the supplier is not registered G.S.T. is not included in payments made to them.  

Suppliers can be searched for by business name or code.  

Highlight the supplier, click Select.  You are returned to the supplier form and the fields contain the details of the imported supplier.  

Click Save. The supplier is copied to the currently active company/department.  The original supplier is still available to the company/department you imported it from.

To view more than one supplier at a time click the "Display all" button.