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Supplier Refunds

Supplier refunds enable you to enter refunds connected to an invoice that has been paid.  You can enter them into the Client Payments form.  The rest of this description relates to using the supplier refund form.

1. Make sure the correct supplier displays in the top panel of the Supplier operations form.  You can change the supplier by clicking the navigation arrows. Or select from the supplier list by clicking the button to the right of the supplier code field in the search panel.  When adding or editing a refund you cannot change suppliers.

2. If creating a new refund - click New.  The fields are cleared.

3. Enter, or select, the supplier invoice the refund relates to.  If the refund relates to more than one invoice make one entry for each invoice.  This enables you to accurately track what is owed.

4.  Enter, or select, the correct ledger account.

5.  Enter the value of the refund.  G.S.T. is calculated automatically if the supplier is registered for G.S.T..

6. Enter the date of the refund.

7. Enter the payment method.

8. Enter a description of the refund - probably including the reason for it.

When you click Save the form appears as follows:

Refunds must be added to detailed bank deposits in the same manner as client payments.