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Regular customer settings

This form allows you to maintain customer sales settings:

1.  Whether the customer is cash only, or invoice.
2. What discount there is on sales to the customer.  This setting is ignored if an item is being purchased from a stock group the customer has a specific discount for.  Or if the item is on sale.
3. What their loyalty card settings are. First set up the required loyalty card rules.
4. Displays their loyalty points, if any.

The following form shows the sales settings for customer Gardens.

  • The customer is an invoice customer.  This means you can generate invoices for Front Counter sales.
  • They have a standard discount of 10 percent.  This discount does not apply with group discounts and Store sales or group specials.
  • They don't have a loyalty card.

    You can allocate customer discounts to specific inventory groups.  To be able to do this you must set up the required groups and then allocate inventory items to those groups.  Each group can have a different discount rate.  As below:

    To activate the form click Discounts.

    The above example has a discount that applies whenever the customer purchases as item in the 13 stock group.  This discount overrides any other discount the customer may have.

    Discounts must be set for each customer.  When they are set any cashier can complete sales at the discount rate set.