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Adding clients

The clients form appears as follows when adding a new client:

All fields are blank. .
  • Client code and "Last or company name" are compulsory fields.
  • Client Code: must be unique.  If it is the message "Unique code - ok" displays below the code field.
  • Client Name:
  • Enter an individual's name, or that of a full company.  For example, if the company is called The Mighty Moving Company Ltd, enter "The Mighty" into first name,"Moving" (maximum of 6 characters) into initials, and "Company Ltd" into last or company name.  It will print as "The Mighty Moving Company Ltd" on reports, invoices, statements, etc.
  • Enter a Postal Address if you intend to bill the client.  If the client is likely to have jobs, and the location is different from the postal address, enter their physical address.
  • To speed up sending invoices, statements, etc, enter their E-Mail address.

    Once the client has been created, and also has a couple of contacts, the client's maintenance form appears as follows:

    You may include a photo of the client if you wish.  If a customer has any photo it is available from the POS tab when a client has been selected.

    Once you have created the customer record you can create contacts for that customer.  The customer may be a corporate client, or individual.  Contacts are people who you deal with and may need to create reminder notices and include their names on invoices to ensure the right people get them.  Or that the invoice is for the person your client (if different from the contact) has requested it for.