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Client contacts 

Clients may have as many contacts as you wish.  By using contacts you may produce reminder notices and include the contact on invoices.

Clients may be corporate entities like companies.  As a result it is a good idea to have a record of the individuals who you deal with regularly.  Contacts allows you to keep those records.

To access contact details directly activate click Contacts Management on the main form.  Contacts can also be maintained when using Back Office, from the Client Operations form and from the customer selection list.

To create a new contact first create a client record.  Once the client record has been created you may create as many contacts as you wish.  Contacts can be included on invoices (one per invoice) and you may create reminder notices of activity to carry out. 

1. Reminders - these can be printed on the date the reminder relates to.  Once that date is passed you need to modify the date to get a reminder to print again.

2. Contact addresses - these are both the client and all their contacts.  Providing you have included a separate address for the contact(s).

3.  Phone list - this lists the phone numbers for clients and contacts.

4. Registrations list - this lists all registration entries.  And allows you to email them about their registrations.  Such things as warranties expiring, registered products due for service, support agreement reminders, etc.

5. Reminder contacts - this lists all contact reminders prior to, and including, the current date. You can email reminders to the contacts.

To maintain contacts click Add or Edit buttons in the Contacts section of the client maintenance form.

You may delete contacts.  If a contact has been included on an invoice you will be warned that it is in use.  If you still delete it the link is cleared when you next open the invoice.

  • Enter a contact code.  This must be unique.  Once created the code cannot be changed.
  • Enter the contact's first name, initials and last names.
  • Everything else is optional.
  • To show the required contact information on the Contacts Reminder list - enter the contact's Phone, Mobile and E-Mail addresses.
  • Entering an Email address allows you to email reminders to the contact from the reminders list.

    If you wish to enter a reminder set the reminder date to the day it is due.  Enter details about the reminder in the Notes field.  To use reminders it is a good idea to get into the habit of starting the reminder report when you first logon. To do so click Contacts on the main menu and then Reminders. The report lists any reminders for the current day.  Or, alternatively, use the reminders contact list.

    Reminders contacts:

    To email reminders enter the reason for the contact reminder into the Notes field.  Make sure the contact has at least a phone number, mobile, or email address.  If they have an email address you may use the Reminder contact option from the Contacts menu.  In that case it is a good idea to make sure the reminder date is, at least, the day (or more) prior to the action to carry out. Put the date, and time, of the action to follow in the Notes field.  Something like the following "Your son is due at the surgery for a checkout at 3.00pm on 12/12/2009'.  The reminder date may be the 10th.  In that case the reminder will appear on the list on the 10th.

    Once the contact has been made change the Reminder date to sometime in the future. Or clear the Notes field in the contact maintenance form if no further reminders are required - for now.  If you don't the reminder list can become very long.  If the Reminder date is in the future it will not display.  If in the past it will.

    The reminders contact list does not include the client.  Only their contacts. To set up reminders for the client (if a person) create them as a contact for that client.  You still need to enter the postal address in the client record as that is the one used by invoices, quotes, statements, etc.

    If you carry out work that is warranted, or sell registered items, maintain them through Registrations.  This is the same form as is activated from Front Counter.