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How sales tax is calculated, and displayed, on the completed invoice is set in the Company form on the Sales tax panel.

The layout of the top of invoices can be modified. See Invoice/statements format.

Invoices consist of two sections:

1.  The header - this links the invoice to the client and a contact, order number or job card (if any), and includes the date payment is due, when it was billed and a description of the invoice.  Although the description is not compulsory its entry is recommended to assist in selecting invoices from selection lists.  

The description prints at the top of each invoice.

The total value of the invoice is updated as each line is saved, changed, or deleted.

2.  Invoice details - each invoice can have multiple lines.

The details are fairly free form.  The alternatives as follows:
1. One off - a description and a charge amount.  This can be a minus amount if the line is for a special (non-percentage) flat rate discount for example.
2. Discounts - decrease the normal price by a set percent.  The normal price, and discount, are printed on the invoice.  Discounts can apply to 3. and 4. as well.
3. Unit rates (non-stock) - this line allows the entry of unit rates, and units of measure (Hr, Km, Mtr, Litres, etc).  The price is calculated as units, or rates, are changed.
4. Unit rates (stock) - use a stock item in the inventory to set the price and units. You can create inventory items "on the fly" by clicking the button to the right of the Item code and the New button on the selection form.  Including stock items results in an adjustment to the inventory.

The invoice form appears as follows once an invoice has been completed.

Three types of invoices can be printed from the invoice form - 

1. Standard invoice:  You can include notes on this invoice that explain such things as warranties, return to base policies, etc.

2. Service invoice: This includes a payment slip.  Use this when mailing invoices to customers.

3.  Job invoice:  Use this invoice when the invoice was generated in Workshop Management using the ledgers.  You can use this to produce a standard invoice (minus the notes) but each line has less detail if you have used the discount, unit rates or stock options to complete any lines.

You can print a statement by clicking the Statements button.  Statements cover all invoices with due dates up to the current date.

The Print Controls panel provides a wide range of options when you print invoices.

All invoices can be sent to a temporary address.  For example if the invoice has to be delivered to someone at an address different from the client's billing address.  To do that check the "Insert manual delivery addresss" box in the Print Controls panel.  If that is checked the following form activates when you print the invoice, or delivery docket.

The address replaces the client's default address on the invoice to be printed.  It is not retained.

To produce a delivery docket click the Delivery button.  If the customer's physical address is in their record that will be used.  Other wise their postal address will be used.  Unless the "Insert manual delivery address" box is checked.

The contents of the invoice may be controlled by checking any of the boxes in the Print Control panel.

To print the client's contact number on the invoice check the "Include contact number on invoice".  The contact number prints under the address.  This is useful if the intention is to hand deliver the goods and you wish to make sure the client is present.  This applies to the normal invoice.

If you have preprinted letterhead on your stationery check the "Use preprinted letterhead" box.  This applies to the normal and service invoices.  The normal header detail does not print.  This means the letterhead must include your address.

If you have created a set of standard notes to include on invoices check the "Include notes on invoice" box.  The notes print below the invoice totals and apply to the standard invoice only.

To email an invoice click the Email button at the bottom right.  If the client's record includes their email address it appears on the email form.  The invoice is automatically attached to the email.  Each invoice sent overwrites the previous one.  If you want to keep a record of the invoice you need to rename it and copy it to another (safe?) folder.  The file is invoice.pdf and is in the C:\PSL folder.

If the invoice has a contact you can use that as the primary address when sending out the invoice.  To do check the box Contact as primary address. Make sure the contact has a full address.

If you wish to print a delivery docket click the Delivery button.  If the invoice includes packages the delivery docket will include all details of the packages.  Delivery dockets don't include price information and include a line for the customer to sign as having received the goods.