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Invoice notes

Use invoice notes to include notes on standard invoices.  For example conditions of sale.  The Invoice note form is started from the Invoicing form.  Or the Company Operations form.

If multiple lines of notes are to be included on invoices enter notes in the order they are to print.

All notes that have been created are printed on the invoice if the Include notes on invoice box is checked on the Printer Controls panel..

If you don't need notes for warranty and return to base information you can use them for information about direct debiting your bank account when paying an invoice.  For example the notes can consist of three lines as follows:

"If you have Internet banking please direct debit your payment to
bank account number XXXX-XXXXXXX-XX 
Thank you"

Or something along those lines.

The notes form can also be activated from the Workshop Management Job Control form.  In that case any notes created applies to job cards only and are included when you print the job sheet by checking the Print notes box.