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Invoice details

This section provides for multiple lines in each invoice. Each line can differ in the information included.  

  • Enter the description of the item on the line - this is not necessary if the line is for a stock item.  In that case the description of the item is used.  If entering a stock item select the code first.
  • Select a stock code if using the inventory.  In that case Unit price is entered for you.
  • Enter Unit price if entering a manual (non-stock) line.
  • If appropriate enter a discount rate.
  • If this is not a stock item enter the Units (EA, M, Ltr, Km, etc) if desired.
  • Enter the No. of units.
  • If you have entered Unit price and No. of units the charge amount is calculated. As is GST
  • If the item is on order a check box becomes visible to the right.  It defaults to being checked. If you leave it checked the phrase "On back order." is added to the description.
  • Click Save.  You are returned the the main invoice form.

    The details are fairly free form.  You may see the alternatives as follows:
    1. Simple - a description and the amount of the line.  This can be a minus amount if the line is for a one-off credit or special discount (for example early payment). Leave the Stock code field blank.
    2. Discounts - decrease the normal price by a set percent.  The normal price, and discount, are printed on the invoice.
    3. Unit rates (non-stock) - this line allows the entry of unit rates, and units of measure (Hr, Km, Mtr, Liters, etc).  The price is calculated as the units, or rates, are changed.  Leave the Stock code field blank.
    4. Unit rates (stock) - this line uses the inventory to set the price and units.  You need to have entries in the inventory to use this option.  You can create inventory items "on the fly" by clicking the button to the right of the Item code and then the New button on the selection form.

    The contents of the Unit Price field vary depending on where the price came from.  
  • If invoices are G.S.T. exclusive, and you are adding stock to the line, the stock price is inclusive of G.S.T.  When you save the line the line amount displays as minus G.S.T.
  • If the Unit price has been entered for a one-off charge, and your invoices are G.S.T. exclusive, enter the unit price as exclusive of G.S.T. Only stock items are assumed to include G.S.T. in the price.

    If you are using stock items, and G.S.T. is exclusive, the unit price will appear as inclusive of G.S.T.  

    If the price is an old one, you change the unit price and want the new price to be used; edit the relevant line, remove the last character in the Stock Code field, then re-enter it.  The unit price will be updated to the current inventory price.

    Remember - inventory item prices must include G.S.T.

    The invoice form appears as follows once an invoice has been completed.

    To email an invoice click the Email button at the bottom right.  You must have entered your email address on the Company Control record.  Generally that email address should be the one used for your Internet service provider.  Or Hotmail or Gmail.  There is no guarantee that your domain-linked email address will work because of the way service providers vary the settings for email clients.

    If the item is a stock package the stock level of each component, as well as the package itself, are drawn down.  The print the details of a package print a delivery docket.  The package's components print under the package description.  The components do not print on the invoice.

    Text on invoices

    You can include a large mount of text on invoices if you need to provide a full description of the work carried out.  Each set of text is linked to one line. This means, if you wish to include text that explains the full job carried out, attach it to the last line. It will then print under that line.  

    To include text select the line the text is to be linked to and click the Text button.  The following form activates.

    To print the text on the invoice check the Include text box in print controls.