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Profit and loss report

The profit and loss report summarises the information for each ledger account.  Start the report dialog by clicking the Financial button.  

You can generate a revenue statement from this dialog as well.  The revenue statement includes non-cash items like bad debts and debts owed by you.  Its accuracy depends on whether you are using the creditors and debtors functions.

If you are running the asset register, creditors and/or debtors, check the Income statement box.  This will produce an income statement with a balance that matches that for Current year earnings in the Balance Sheet.

The Financial reports dialog is as follows:

The cash only Profit and loss report is as follows:

To print the revenue statement the Profit and loss dialog should appear as follows:

This selects for the same period as the profit and loss report above.  The report appears as follows:

Note the inclusion of unpaid credit sales, unpaid supplier invoices, depreciation and bad debts written off.