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User security and cashier profiles

Use this form to set up users (including cashiers), and their level of access.  Once set up a user can be deactivated so they are unable to access the system.  

Before setting up the user think about what they data they need to enter.  For example, if everyone is to be able to enter cheques and receipts, and you want them to be able to create new accounts when on those forms, give them data entry and direct access to key information. If you do not give anyone but the administrator such access you will need to create additional codes when requested.  This may slow down data entry and can become quite a nuisance.
  • If you are the only user, stay with the initial administrator's access.

    Be careful when creating passwords.  Don't use pet names, car models, or anything like that.  The system prevents the use of user names.  Valid characters in a password are the following: capitals (A...Z) and lower case (a...z), numbers, and the underscore.

    When a user is first created make sure the password expires on today's date or the date they will first use the system.  This forces them to change of their password when first logging on.  Only the administrator can change passwords that have not expired.  Decide whether to expire passwords.  Doing so improves security, so long as users do not put copies of their password in their top draw.  But it can annoy users, and result in simple, and easily solved, passwords. 

    Do not remove the system administrator's profile.  It is created when the software is first installed.  At least one other person should have administrator's rights; or at least know what the administrator's logon id and password are.

    If the user is not to use the system immediately uncheck the "Active Password" box.
  • Once the user has been set up neither their name nor number can be changed.  Everything else can be changed.

    If you intend to activate bookings you also need to create details about the staff member.  These details include their position, contact details, and the times they are on duty.

    The system tracks all logons. To view, and clear, the log click the "Security Log" button.

    Click "Clear" to clear the log.

    Creating new users

    Changing passwords

    Expiring passwords